First-year student registration

Welcome to your first year at AUArts.

To register for your courses, follow these simple steps. If you have any issues, contact the Registrar's Office for help.

  1. Pay your $340 confirmation fee
  2. Register for courses
  3. Join a wait list for a course (only if needed)

1. Pay your $340 confirmation fee prior to you registration date.

Your confirmation fee must be paid before you can register for courses. After you register, $300 will be deducted from your tuition. 

2. Register for courses at your assigned time.

A. Create your student account in WebService and log in.

B. Check your time ticket to see what date and time you will be eligible to register. Be sure to register at this time to secure the courses you require.

C. Register in your courses as outlined in your program planning guide. In addition to your courses you’ll also need to register for LOCK 100A, this is not a course registration, it is a locker rental. (Get more information about lockers here)

If courses fill, you can join a waitlist on webService

3. Waitlist information

If a course you want if full, record the CRN and add yourself to the waitlist, as per the registration video. 

If a spot comes up and you are the next person on the waitlist you will be sent an invitation to register into the course via your AUArts email. After the email is sent, you have 48 hours to register into the course. After that 48 hours your name will be removed from the waitlist. 

The waitlist ends and purges the night before the last day to add/drop for the semester.