Second, third, and fourth-year student registration

Find everything you need to register for your next semester at AUArts.

Follow these steps to register for your courses. If you have any issues, please contact the Registrar’s Office for help.

  1. Pay your $100 confirmation deposit at least three days ahead of at your assigned registration time
  2. Find your registration time: Your time ticket, the exact date and time you are eligible to register will be listed in your webService.
  3. Register at your assigned time in your courses according to your program planning guide.

1. Pay your $100 confirmation deposit prior to your assigned registration time

FAQs for registration payment

Where do I pay my registration deposit?
You can pay your deposit in person to the Cashier during office hours (Monday to Friday 8 a.m. until 12 p.m. and 1:30 p.m. until 3:30 p.m.) Please note the Cashier’s Office is closed on holidays.

What payment methods can I use?
You can pay by cash, cheque, debit, money order, or bank draft. AUArts does not accept credit cards.

What happens to my deposit?
Your registration deposit will be credited towards your Fall tuition fees unless you withdraw from AUArts.

2. Register and select classes at your assigned time

 Log in to webService and complete the following steps to find out when you can register for courses:

  1. Select the Student Services tab
  2. Select Registration
  3. Choose Select Term, choose the term you’re registering for, and select Submit
  4. Select Check Your Registration Status to find out when you can register, get information on your major and year, and learn if you have outstanding library fines or any other issues that could prevent you from registering
  5. Register at your assigned time in your courses according to your program planning guide  

Please note: you need to register for both fall and winter semesters on your registration day.

**Waitlist information**

If a course you want if full, record the CRN and add yourself to the waitlist, as per the registration video. 
If a spot comes up and you are the next person on the waitlist you will be sent an invitation to register into the course via your AUArts email. 
After the email is sent, you have 48 hours to register into the course. After that 48 hours your name will be removed from the waitlist. 
The waitlist ends and purges the night before the last day to add/drop for the semester.

How to select classes

Be sure to review these steps to ensure you’ve filled your schedule with the courses you need to graduate from your program:

  1. Start by reviewing the Planning Guide for your program, noting which course you’ve received credit for (a passing grade of D or higher, or transfer credit C or higher), by reviewing your Academic Transcripts in webService (select Student Services, then Student Records, then Academic Transcripts, then Submit)
  2. Then, register for the major studio courses you need to complete your degree
  3. Next, register for any other courses you require (review our registration FAQs for help)
  4. Register into LOCK100A if you need a locker rental

Having troubles? Check our Registration FAQs below:

Registration FAQs

I don’t need a locker. Can I opt out?
Yes. You can opt out of a locker in webService. Find more information about lockers here.

I need to drop a course. How do I do that?
You can drop unnecessary courses in webService.

Why are some of the instructors for my courses listed as TBD?
Because of hiring considerations, not all instructor names will be posted. Check your course timetable for updates, and we’ll notify you by email if any changes will affect your schedule.

Can I repeat courses for credit towards my degree requirements?
Generally, no. However, it’s possible that MADT 301, MADT 401, AHIS 300, and ENGL 314 may be used twice if the topics are different. Contact the Registrar’s Office to confirm these can be repeated in your case.

I’m a mobility and exchange student starting my exchange. How do I register?
If you’ve received your acceptance confirmation from your host school, inform the Registrar’s Office and don’t register in AUArts courses. If you haven’t received confirmation of acceptance to your host school, register in AUArts courses as normal but inform the Registrar’s Office immediately. Please note: you must pay your fees in full before leaving on your exchange.

I’m a mobility and exchange student returning from an exchange. How do I register?
Pay your $100 confirmation deposit and register for classes on your designated date. Contact the Registrar's Office immediately if you have issues.

I’m getting errors in webService, what can I do?
It depends on the error – please note the chart below for a resolution.

Error message



The class is full, but you can add your name to the wait list.

Degree/Program/Major restriction

This course is currently reserved for students in a specific program of study. You may be able to register for this course once the reserved seats are released.

Duplicate CRN

You’ve chosen a class you are already enrolled in.

Link Errors

You’ve attempted to enroll in a studio class without the corresponding lecture. Check your schedule of classes and your program plan and add the lecture. Please note: Dropping one linked class will automatically drop the other class linked to it

Maximum Hours Exceeded

You’re only permitted to register for a maximum of 18 credits per semester. You may exceed this limit with the written approval of the Chair of the School of your major. You’ll need to have an email sent from the Chair to the Registrar’s Office, with a cc to you.

Time Conflict with CRN XXXX

The class showing an error message overlaps by day and or time with the class indicated. You must choose a different section of this class or a different class.

Prerequisite Error

You attempted to register for a class for which you do not have the required prerequisite(s). To enrol in this class, you must get written permission from the Chair of the School of the major the course is offered in.

Co-requisite Error

You attempted to register in one co-requisite class without the other. Check your schedule of classes and program plan.

Repeat Hours Exceeded

You attempted to register for a course you’ve already completed. The only courses that can be repeated and used towards degree requirements are MADT 301, MADT 401, AHIS 300, and ENGL 314, and only if the repeat course is covering different topics. Not sure? Contact the Registrar’s Office.

Instructor Approval Error

You attempted to register in a class that requires instructor approval. You’ll need to get permission from the instructor (or Chair of the School if applicable), to enroll. Contact the Registrar’s Office to learn ho