Student taxes

Learn how to access your student tax forms.

Tax Forms

Tuition and Education Amount Certificates (T2202) are available through AUArts webService.

  1. Log into AUArts webService
  2. Select Student Services
  3. Select Canadian Tax Forms
  4. Click on T2202 Tax Credit Form
  5. Select Tax Year and format (HTML or PDF) click Submit (you can access your tax records dating back to 2004)

NOTE:  Once you click submit and print the first time, all subsequent forms you print will be marked "Duplicate." This is still acceptable for Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) purposes.

The receipt will print on two pages:

  • Page 1 - Tuition and Education Amount Certificate
  • Page 2 - Designation for the transfer of an amount to spouse or common-law partner, parent or grandparent

You’re not required to attach a paper copy of your T2202 to your tax return. However, when transferring amounts to someone else (as permitted by CRA), or if you’re being audited by CRA, this printed form meets all CRA requirements. T2202s will be available on webService for at least seven years.

  • You can log into the CRA and access your tax information, including the T2202
  • You can email the Registrar’s office (, leaving a message with your full name, your AUArts Student ID number and requesting a T2202 reprint.  If you feel that there is an error in your T2202 that you received, please provide those details as well.  A new T2202 will be emailed to you (to your AUArts email address). It will be password protected for your security. To open your T2202 attachment, follow the directions on the covering email.

SIN Number Collection

Beginning with the 2019 tax year, all post-secondary institutions are required to include the student's Social Insurance Number (SIN) on the Tuition and Enrolment Certificate (T2202). This applies both to Credit (Degree) students and Continuing Education (Extension) students. The Income Tax Act requires that you provide your SIN, upon request, to the preparer of a tax information slip. More information on this requirement can be found on the CRA website; CRA Subsection 237(1)

If you haven’t already provided your SIN to us, please either come into the appropriate office (Registrar’s Office for Credit students, Continuing Education Desk in the front foyer for Cont. Ed. students), or call the applicable telephone number to provide your SIN:

  • Degree Students: 403.284.7634
  • Continuing Education Students: 403.284.7640


Who is eligible to receive a T2202?

To be eligible for a T2202, your tuition and student fees must exceed $100 in the tax year and you must be at least 16 years of age. The program of study must last at least three consecutive weeks and have a minimum of 12 hours instruction per month.

How are tuition amounts calculated?

To be eligible for a tuition tax credit, the sum of your eligible fees paid in the tax year must exceed $100. Not all fees paid are eligible for the tax credit.

Eligible fees include:

  • application fees (admission and graduation)
  • tuition
  • supplementary studio fees
  • processing fee
  • student network fee
  • SAIT Campus Centre fee
  • transfer credit fee

Ineligible fees include:

  • students' association fees (including health and dental plan fees)
  • locker fees
  • fines and late payment penalties
  • tutoring and peer support fees

How are full-time months calculated?

Full-time months are assigned for a program of study that lasts at least three consecutive weeks and requires a minimum of 10 hours of instruction each week.

How are part-time months calculated?

Part-time months are assigned for a program of study that lasts at least three consecutive weeks and requires a minimum of 12 hours of instruction each month. When a program or course starts or ends part way through a month, that month may not qualify as a part time month if the minimum of 12 hours is not satisfied.

How do I obtain my user ID and PIN for AUArts webService?

Degree program students should contact the AUArts Helpdesk at 403.338.5555.

Continuing Education students using webService for the first time should contact the Continuing Education Office at 403.284.7640.

I am an Artstream Student.  When I file my income tax return do I submit one T2202 from AUArts and another T2202 from Bow Valley College?

No, as of the 2016 tax year Artstream students no longer have to submit a T2202 form from both institutions.  AUArts will issue a T2202 form which includes the months of full time/part time study and all of the applicable tuition and fees paid to both institutions for the Artstream program.  Bow Valley College will not issue a T2202 form unless you took additional courses outside of the Artstream program and paid the tuition and fees for the additional courses directly to Bow Valley College.

I am a grant-funded Artstream Student. Why doesn't my T2202 indicate any eligible tuition?

Tuition fees paid by a federal, provincial or territorial job training program are not considered eligible under CRA regulations.