Datafication & Practices of Extraction

Contingent Systems: Art and/as Algorithmic Critique Symposium

Contingent Systems: Art and/as Algorithmic Critique is a bi-weekly panel series that explores critical intersections between creative practice and algorithmic culture. Each panel brings together interdisciplinary artists and scholars to examine in greater detail a theme aligned with the corresponding exhibition. Paper presentations will be followed by a moderated discussion period and Q&A.

October 1, 2021: Datafication & Practices of Extraction

FRAUD (Dr. Audrey Samson & Dr. Francisco Gallardo) | Terra Analytica
Dr. Clemens Apprich | Animated Intelligence – Reformulating the Problem of Pattern Discrimination
Nicolas Malevé | Variations on a Glance

All symposium panels will be hosted via Zoom. Connect via the link provided above.

Visit the Illingworth Kerr Gallery for the "Contingent Systems" Exhibition curated by AUArts Faculty Ashley Scarlett and Lisa Lipton.