The Day of the Dead | Rocio Graham

Photo Credit: "Garden Funeral", The Day of the Dead, Rocio Graham.

"The Day of the Dead" (Día de los Muertos) – the Mexican celebration of the dead – has inspired a unique performance by visual artist, botany enthusiast, photographer and Alum Rocio Graham.

My Garden’s Funeral is a performance/ ritual/celebration infused with Rocio’s experiences growing up in Mexico, being part of her family’s Day of the Dead traditions every year, and learning from her grandmothers and curanderas to attune herself to life cycles as a way of renewal. She uses the Fall season, when plants die, as a marker for introspection to make room for the new.

This celebration will be introspective, personal, celebratory, and of course, full of Mexican cuisine flavours. As the Mexicans say, there cannot be a funeral without food.

Find details and tickets here: The Day of the Dead