With award-winning faculty, creative curriculum, and ample studio space and equipment, students in AUArts’s Bachelor of Design in Photography program enjoy a stimulating and supportive learning environment.

Program description

Throughout the program, students develop their own unique photographic eye and voice, while acquiring the knowledge and tools they need to prepare them for a wide range of photographic careers and professions in industry, the arts, education, and for graduate school.

Challenging assignments that balance concepts and techniques work in concert with liberal studies courses, enabling students to understand photography from social, cultural and historical perspectives, speak and write about it effectively, and execute work at a professional level.

The program supports the use of photography from multiple perspectives as a vehicle for commercial activity, visual communication, social commentary, self-expression, creativity, criticality, cultural awareness, experimentation, and collaboration.

AUArts’s Photography major program is a competitive entry major and is part of the Bachelor of Design Degree Program.


AUArts’s Photography faculty are award-winning, innovative educators who share their keen understanding of the changing and evolving world of photography with students in a stimulating, supportive environment.

Permanent faculty

Mitch Kern

Ann Mansolino

Sessional instructors

Greg Gerla

John Gaucher

Nancy Nisbet

Neil Petrunia

Cathy Simone

Jason Stang

Kristine Thoreson

Educational Art Technician