In the Ceramics Bachelor's Degree program offered by AUArts, students enjoy theoretical and practical immersion within a contemporary studio setting.

Program description

Ceramics majors enjoy a thorough immersion in the discipline – both theoretical and practical – and develop a diverse approach to making vessel, sculptural, and experimental ceramics.

In 200-level courses, students develop and understanding of the materials through courses focused on particular methods of making. These include working on the wheel, using a variety of hand-building techniques, mold making, and casting.

Through a sequence of courses, students develop a solid basis in the processes, technologies, and aesthetic issues of contemporary ceramics practice, complemented by a developing understanding of fine craft, art, design, history, and culture through liberal studies courses.

Intermediate courses also emphasize experimental approaches, encouraging students to explore the medium in unconventional ways as well as working across media and disciplines.

Third year students shift from learning techniques and processes to developing individual choices and expression within their work. As they progress to fourth year, students develop a self-directed, mature, and cohesive body of studio work, supported and guided by faculty advisors.

Students work with new visiting artists each year, as well as numerous guest artists who lead short, intensive workshops. Extracurricular activities including field trips, conferences, and exchange exhibitions round out the program, ensuring a dynamic, vibrant learning environment.


AUArts’s Ceramics faculty are a diverse, engaged group of notable teachers and practitioners connected to the field at home and abroad. Each year, a new visiting artist complements the energy and expertise of ceramics faculty, teaching and working alongside students in the studio. The visiting artist contributes a fresh and diverse perspective, enhancing the learning experience and serving as a catalyst for critical dialogue within the university.

Permanent faculty

Zimra Beiner

Martina Lantin

Sessional instructors

Alysse Bowd

Robert Froese

anne drew potter

Juliana Rempel

Educational Art Technician

Jocelyn Reid


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