Critical and Creative Studies

The informed study of art and design requires familiarity with a broad range of historical, critical and methodological perspectives. To ensure AUArts students are grounded in these important areas, the School of Critical and Creative Studies offers an integrated series of courses that create direct links with studio practice.

Program Description

Course in the School of Critical and Creative Studies place an emphasis on critical thinking skills that help students engage with the practice of interpretation in a contemporary context. The goal of the SCCS curriculum is to support students in becoming responsible, informed artists and designers in the broadest possible sense.

SCCS supports studio-based education in fine arts, crafts, media technologies and design, and is organized across the following six areas:

  • Art History and Visual Culture
  • English Literature and Creative Writing
  • Humanities and Cultural Studies
  • Material Culture and Cultural Anthropology
  • Natural Sciences
  • Professional Practices

Students in First Year Studies take two visual arts history survey courses, AHIS110, Visual Arts: Survey I and AHIS 120, Visual Arts: Survey II, and two humanities courses: HUMN124, Critical Practice: Interpretive Research, and HUMN 110, Art + Design Now. In subsequent years, the SCCS content of degree programs includes a wide variety of required and elective courses.


SCCS instructors represent a broad range of academic specializations. SCCS faculty members thrive on the creative environment at AUArts and are actively engaged in creative practice and academic research.

Permanent faculty

Dr. Mark Clintberg

Dr. Chris Frey

Dr. Benedict Fullalove

Dr. Alex Link

Sessional instructors

Jane McQuitty

Lynn Calf Robe

Christine Somer


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