The Painting program views the studio as a workshop for the production of personal and collaborative artistic research projects, and positions the artist as a social, global citizen exploring a diversity of media and approaches.

Program description

Emphasis is placed on conceptual development and intellectual growth through experimental and new approaches to art making. Students situate their activities within the contexts and networks of current international contemporary art.

Painting strives to provide a safe, inclusive learning environment for a diverse student community. Courses are designed to support learning outcomes through individual attention, group engagement, and feedback. 

Students experiment with a wide range of media including video, photography, sculpture, performance, print, installation, and interdisciplinarity. While pursuing their individually chosen goals, students may also access the many different facilities at AUArts, and have ample opportunity to display their work in exhibition spaces throughout the university.


Painting program faculty are respected, experienced artists actively engaged in contemporary artistic practice who, as supportive mentors, bring an extraordinary level of dedication and passion to their teaching.

Permanent faculty

Susan Menzies

Dr. Christopher Willard

Sessional instructors

Ashleigh Bartlett

Leslie Bell

Brian Flynn


Nate McLeod


View the Painting degree planning guide here.