Print Media

Print media majors acquire an understanding of historical and contemporary print processes, printing skills, and the ability to make innovative choices.

Program Description

Students explore evolving developments in the field, meet visiting artists, and participate in student exchange exhibitions, travel scholarships, field trips, special projects, and technical research.

Freedom and flexibility are emphasized throughout the program, with students choosing to specialize or expand their studies across disciplines, and often collaborating with majors in other programs.

While printmaking’s origins lie in etching, silkscreen, lithography, and woodblock, majors experiment with a wide variety of media, including photography, digital technology, artist's books, print portfolios, and multimedia.

New students become familiar with traditional techniques and the unique potential inherent in intaglio (etching), lithography, silkscreen, and relief/collograph. Collaboration is encouraged, and students often work with practitioners in other areas, including Design, Fibre, and Photography.

Print majors gain proficiency with their chosen processes while they establish a program of individual investigation and develop a body of work using one or more printmaking techniques. In their final semester, students exhibit their work in a professional venue and present a graduating paper.

AUArts is now offering a Print Media minor, making it possible for students to diversify their degrees. Students who are in good academic standing and are not already majoring in Print Media can enroll in the Print Media minor. Minor degree students are required to complete total of 18 credits (6 courses) as outlined in the minor degree planning guide.


AUArts’s Print Media faculty are a diverse and exciting group of professional artists, each with a rich personal practice and a wide range of experience exhibiting work and creating research in their field.

Permanent faculty

Heather Huston

Lisa Murray

Sessional instructors

Richard Gorenko

Aurora Landin

Educational Art Technician

Megan Kirk