Students of Sculpture at AUArts explore a huge range of possibilities, from traditional figure modeling to contemporary installation and performance art, kinetic and interactive objects, and digital media.

Program Description

Throughout the program, students are encouraged to experiment, question artistic conventions, and develop critical approaches as they pursue their personal vision.

With abundant opportunities for conceptual growth and material-based inquiry, students address a variety of concepts and strategies as they learn to organize their thoughts into visual forms and begin to develop their professional practice.

Early in the program, sculpture students learn to employ a wide range of additive, subtractive, and reproductive methods such as modeling, casting, carving, welding and fabrication, and are also encouraged to explore performance art and digital media.

Third and fourth year students have dedicated studio space, and focus on developing and refining their personal approach to art making through studio work and research, individual tutorials, seminars, lectures and critiques.

Students exhibit their work in the Ivan Gallery, a student-managed gallery where they can mount exhibitions, photograph their work, and experiment with ideas.


As practicing artists, international exhibitors and award-winning leaders in their fields of study, AUArts’s Sculpture faculty are mentors and co-collaborators, exploring the history, theory, critical discourse and practice of three-dimensional work with students.

Permanent Faculty

Lisa Lipton

Richard Clements

Rita McKeough

Sessional Faculty

Robert Lewis

Educational Art Technicians

Bill Gardner (woodshop)

Bill Hornecker (woodshop)

Jason Hussey


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