Everywhere We Are

Image Credit: Luanne Martineau, Saturn, 2011, courtesy Kevin Baer and TrépanierBaer.

Everywhere We Are is an ambitious exhibition and public program series addressing many of the challenges, merits, impacts and advantages associated with art collecting. Drawing upon one of Canada’s most significant contemporary art collections, the exhibition is organized and presented as a collaboration between Contemporary Calgary and the Nickle Galleries at the University of Calgary.

This exhibition explores boundaries in art. If a boundary can be thought of as a line that separates, who then sets the boundary? Are there rules? How are they negotiated? Applied? When referring to personal relationships, boundaries are further complicated. But what are the implications for art, when artwork itself is viewed as the boundary?

This consideration of boundaries led to a fundamental questioning about collecting with respect to issues from ownership and art markets to sacredness and physiological affect. Through exhibitions, lectures, workshops, panels and more, Everywhere We Are poses a of range questions including how and where art is shown and distributed; how neuroscience is changing our understanding of art; and how collecting is part of a complex ecosystem of relationships with artists, curators , collectors, commercial galleries, and public collections.

This program is co-organized by Contemporary Calgary and Nickle Galleries featuring significant works by Vikky Alexander, Chris Cran, Geoffrey Farmer, Wyn Geleynse, Liz Magor, Luanne Martineau, Chris Millar, Ron Moppett, Ron Terada, among many more who have helped shape contemporary art in Canada.

Thursday, April 15, 2021 to Sunday, August 15, 2021
Contemporary Calgary