Dr. Jennifer Salahub


Critical + Creative Studies


“I believe there is an “evangelical” spirit driving contemporary craft and craft studies today. This represents a coming together of time and place. Post-modernism saw the art world reconsider, appreciate, and appropriate craft media, while our more recent unease with a world defined by technology and globalization has encouraged a reassessment of the importance of craftsmanship and revaluing of time investment in art and life.”

Jennifer Salahub introduces historical, theoretical and critical issues to studio practice, consulting with ACAD craft students individually and in groups. Her research has been incorporated into the curriculum in the form of readings, short courses, workshops and seminars. 

Salahub’s research interests include Craft History, the 19th Century Arts & Crafts Movement, the Studio Craft Movement, 19th and early 20th-century craft in Canada, domestic textiles, sloyd, curating craft, craft materiality and meaning. She specializes in the critical analysis of craft with an emphasis on social interpretations – how craft is a reflection of contemporary values or tries to change contemporary values.  

Salahub’s expertise is object-based research focusing not only upon conception and production, but also the reception of historic and contemporary craft. She has lectured and published widely. Selected topics include a series of pre WWI embroidered and appliquéd banners created in Britain and sent to Canada to inspire young men to “fight the dragon of evil,” a professional photographer who employed the visual vocabulary of domestic craft to battle the prejudices of the Victorian age, and repositioning the painter Marion Nicoll as a mid-20th century advocate of fine craft in Alberta. Owing to the range of media with which she engages at the College, and her recognition of experimentation as research, Salahub is now exploring innovation in craft and craft education. She is currently working on “One Hundred Years: a History of Craft at ACAD.”

Member of ACAD Faculty since 2002.


PhD, Design History, Royal College of Art, London.

MA, Canadian Art History, Concordia University.

BFA, Art History & Studio, Concordia University.

Selected Publications:

Mine had a Ripple in it.” Marion Nicoll: Silence and Alchemy.  Co-authored with Ann Davis, Elizabeth Herbert, and Christine  Sowiak. Calgary:  University of Calgary Press, 2013. Print.

“Hannah Maynard: Crafting Professional Identity” Rethinking Professionalism: Essays on Women and Art in Canada. Ed. Kristina Huneault and Janice Anderson. Montreal: McGill Queens University Press, 2012. Print.

“Majesty in Canada: Governor General Grey’s ‘Little Scheme’” Majesty in Canada: Essays on the Role of Royalty. Ed. Colin Coates:  Toronto: The Dundurn Group, 2006. Print.

Selected Awards:

ACAD Scholarly Research and Creativity Fund - research project: History of Craft at ACAD, 2011-2013.