Festival of Animated Objects

Stories That Tie Us Together

The tenth iteration of the Festival of Animated Objects is here! Nothing can stop these puppets from bringing their inherent joy and whimsy into our lives, and telling the unique stories that tie us all together. With over 50 artists and a dozen organizations have come together to offer an exciting programme of over 20 events. All programming has been created with health and safety in mind, with many events being available from the comfort of your own home. Also most of the events are FREE to enjoy.

Breathing life into the inanimate is a foundational act of creation which allows us to connect us in a visceral way that crosses cultures and identities. It tells the stories that tie us together.

Through presenting, sharing, and amplifying these stories, the Festival of Animated Objects bring Calgary together and fills our communities with life, whimsy and all things puppets: from live theatre, to film, to gallery exhibits, workshops and more.

Each festival, the best of the local, national and international puppet world inhabit our city, and bring with them all manner of wondrous worlds, curious creatures, magical beasts, and fantastical gadgets bound to provoke, inspire and delight our collective imagination.


Sunday, March 14, 2021 to Sunday, April 11, 2021