Get ahead of the crowd

We look forward to seeing you at New Student Orientation in September. Here are some things you can do to prepare yourself prior to coming to campus. We’re here to help!

Thank you for attending New Student Orientation. Here is the new Student Handbook with detailed information we covered during Orientation.

Course registration

Registration is underway and we continue to add more sections for popular classes in the Fall and Winter semesters. We have made changes to the current schedule in order to create additional sections this Fall.

>>> Find out more information on course registration.

Learning & academic accommodations

If you have a diagnosed chronic condition or limitation that would affect your success at AUArts, you may choose to provide the university with supportive documentation to develop an accommodation plan to assist in your academic and student success.

>>> Find out more information about learning assistance resources.


Students can rent a locker at AUArts to store their books, portfolios, supplies and tools on campus.

>>> Learn how to register for your locker through webService.

Your new AUArts email

Learn how to access and set up your AUArts email. This is where your professors and everyone in AUArts will be connecting with you.

You will receive an email with your new AUArts address and password soon.

>>> Learn how to log in and start using AUArts email today.

Mosaic | AUArts' learning management system

Mosaic is used to support classroom instruction through online content and provides a hub for online meeting collaborations.

>>> Learn how to log in and start using Mosaic today.

New Student IDs

Having a good hair day? Cut your wait time in half! Send in your own photo for your Campus Student ID.

Just send an email to with your attached photo that meets the following criteria:

  • The photo must be no older than 90-days and must be in the likeness of your current appearance
  • The photo should capture from slightly above the top of hair to the middle of the chest
  • Eyes should be open and looking at the camera
  • Your head should be positioned directly facing the camera
  • Eyeglasses should be worn if normally used
  • A natural expression is encouraged
  • Include headpieces if worn daily for religious purposes; they should not obscure or cast shadows on the eyes or any other part of the face
  • Do not wear sunglasses, hats, or toques
  • Do not have any other object or person in the picture
  • The photo must be in colour
  • The background should be plain white or off-white
  • The photo must be in a JPG format

For students who send in their photos during this time, ID cards will be distributed at Orientation during the morning registration sessions. You will require your ID before you are issued your UPASS.

If you prefer to take a new photo, the campus Security Office will be open August 26 until August 30 from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. to help with your new IDs.

Remember to bring official government-issued identification for verification.

>>> Find out more information about Student IDs

Universal transit passes (UPass)

Your mandatory UPass (Universal Transit Pass) gives you access to all Calgary transit services (C-Train and Bus System) at an exclusive price as part of your fees. It is issued to full-time (min 9 credits) students. It provides unlimited access to Calgary Transit services including the C-Train (connected directly to our campus) and Bus Routes in and around the city. 

Once you have received your Student ID Card please bring it to the Registrar’s office to obtain your UPASS which will be adhered to the back of your AUArts Student ID Card.  Each semester you will be issued a new UPASS sticker as long as you meet the minimum registered credits. Please note that UPASS’s are not transferable or refundable.

The Registrar will be issuing UPASS stickers during New Student Orientation.

Remember to bring official government-issued identification for verification.

>>> Learn more about the Calgary Transit UPass

Enrollment verification letters

From student loans to Registered Education Savings Plans (RESPs), you may require a letter confirming your enrollment at AUArts.

>>> Learn how to request an enrollment verification letter via email

Transfer credit assessments

AUArts may award transfer credit for courses completed at other post-secondary institutions or equivalent prior learning experience (PLAR) upon a student’s successful admission to the College.

>>> Find out more information about transfer credit assessments

Student housing

We can help you find the perfect place to call home.

>>> Find out more about student housing

Contests and community

We love contests and building community. Find out how to be part of both by checking out the #going2auarts competition with prizes awarded at this year's Orientation!

First day of classes

The first day of the Fall Semester is Monday, September 9.
Here is a checklist of things you’ll need on your first day of classes!
  • Print off your course schedule (webService) 
  • Check email for supply lists, course outlines and syllabi from your professors 
  • Get familiar with your classroom locations. Maps will always be available at the Welcome Desk
  • Come prepared with at least a notebook and pen or pencils
  • Find and access your personal locker

We hope you found these tips information. Please email if you have any comments or questions. 

See you at New Student Orientation!