Academic Requirements

Applicants must possess a high school diploma, have achieved a grade of at least 60% in four grade 12 subjects, including a grade of 60% or higher your school’s highest-level English class (or equivalent), and meet English language proficiency requirements. There are also specific portfolio requirements for all applicants.

Canadian applicants must possess a High School Diploma, with at least 60% in four grade 12 subjects, including one of the following:

Alberta, Northwest Territories, and Nunavut

English 30 or English 30-1 (ELA 30-1) with a minimum grade of 60%; or

English 33 or English 30-2 (ELA 30-2) with a minimum grade of 65%;


English Grade 12 U (ENG4U) course with a minimum of 60%

British Columbia and Yukon

English 12 with a minimum of 60%; or

English 12 First Peoples


English 40S (ELA40S) with a minimum of 60%

New Brunswick

English 121 or 122 with a minimum of 60%


English 3201 with a minimum of 60%

Nova Scotia

English 12 Academic (English 3201) with a minimum of 60%

Prince Edward Island

English 611 or 621 with a minimum of 60%

Quebec CEGEP

English Literature 603 series with a minimum of 60%


English A30 and B30 with a minimum of 60%

For the other 3 required grade 12 courses, you may refer to the Grade 12 subject chart from the Alberta Transfer Guide for information on acceptable grade 12 courses for admission. Please be advised that this list is not exhaustive, and that AUArts may accept other courses, as determined by the Admissions Office. For specific questions about unlisted courses, please contact the admissions office.

Mature Applicants

If you’re 21 or over, you are considered a mature student and have different academic requirements. Learn more about being a mature student.

What if I don’t meet the academic requirements?

Not to worry. If you demonstrate artistic achievement but don’t meet AUArts’s academic requirements, you can apply to our Artstream program. Artstream enables you to earn university credit by taking select AUArts First Year Studies courses in combination with other courses designed to support an art and design education.