Mature Students

Canadian Citizens or permanent residents/ landed immigrants who are 21 years of age or older (as of their first day of AUArts classes) and who have not completed a high school diploma may apply as mature student applicants. Mature applicants are expected to meet the equivalent of the Bachelor’s degree program admission requirements for English and nine (9) credits or more of high school grade 12 coursework.  A high school diploma is not required.  

English requirements must satisfy one of the following achievements: 

English Language Arts 30-1 with a minimum grade of 60%; or English Language Arts 30-2 with a minimum grade of 65%; or Equivalent Courses as determined by the Admissions Office. If you are from outside of Alberta, please review our equivalent requirements.​

Mature applicants who do not meet the noted admission requirements are encouraged to consider the ArtStream Certificate program. 

Early application deadline: February 1

General application deadline: General Application deadline:  July 1 (while seats are available)