GIRAF16 Festival: Stache and the Inner Walk by Joanne Fisher

AUArt's student, Joanne Fisher, has a short film, Stache and the Inner Walk, in the GIRAF16 Festival of Independent Animation, taking place online November 19-29, 2020.
Joanne's film is featured in two of the festival's programs: Mix B and the AB Spotlight. Watch the trailer, here:

Tickets are $10 each and available through Showpass.

About Joanne Fisher:
Joanne Fisher is an artist, emerging filmmaker, and a recipient of the Quickdraw Animation Society’s Chris J. Melnychuk Memorial Scholarship and Residency through which she made her first short animated film, “Stache and the Inner Walk.” 

She happily discovered making animation at the Quickdraw Animation Society four years ago after being a chiropractor, a homeschooler, an art student, and a backyard beekeeper. She has taken animation courses at the Quickdraw Animation Society and the Alberta University of the Arts.
Her approach to animation is hands-on, messy, and experimental. 

Images courtesy of the artist and GIRAF16 Festival of Independent Animation.