Illuminations and Engulfment

Born in Mexico, Rocio Graham's poignant photography is influenced by her passion for the botanical world, her cultural heritage, and identity as a woman and mother. Confronting the pandemic became an exploration of mysticism and the metaphysical: “My brain kicked in into survival mode and hiding became my focus. How could I use the ways of nature to hide from its threats? From this, camouflage and mimicry ideas emerged as a natural response to nature’s threats. During this time, nested amongst nature, old rituals, ways of knowing, memories and past illuminations came to me as night visions to give life to this self-portrait series."

Graham’s gardens serve as her studio, where her elaborate compositions begin the moment she selects a seed to nurture in both the soil and her imagination. Her large-scale photographs are finely crafted meditations on nature, the cosmos, and her place within it.

Programmed in collaboration with Exposure Photography Festival.

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Live Stream Gallery Tour with Rocio

  • On Facebook and Instagram (@ckgyyc) - Friday, March 5, 5 - 6pm

Small Group 30 Minute Gallery Tour with Rocio

  • RSVP required - Saturday, March 6, 2 - 4pm
Friday, January 29, 2021 to Friday, March 5, 2021
Christine Klassen Gallery