Karys Hallett

Grade 12, Strathcona High School | Edmonton, Alberta


For this piece, I focused on the human form and used graphite pencils for most of the piece, and added pencil crayon for the heart. The use of pencil crayon for the heart is used to contrast the graphite and to draw the eye directly towards it. In this piece, I explored the mental illness depression. Depression is a mental illness often characterized by persistent feelings of sadness that often can interfere with basic tasks in life. The heart is the central body part in this piece and it is often associated with depression. The heart represents the emotional part of depression, specifically the sadness and dark nature of depression. As well, the jeweled clothing represents the internal nature of depression, often being hidden and unknown to the common person. The intention of this piece was to bring awareness to a mental illness that is commonly known, but hopefully show a different side of it.