Koby Chen

Grade 11, St. George's School | Vancouver, British Columbia

Food For Thought

In the contemporary age of media accessibility, the “originality” of artwork has become increasingly scrutinized. Food for Thought is a reflexive work that explores the way information is passed on from one person to another in the creative process. As the figure mindlessly slurps noodles from around him, an unidentified force simultaneously pulls noodles out of his cranial cavity, to only be ingested again. This cycle of actions is representative of the constant consummation and reproduction of the content we are exposed to. I began by sculpting a hollow bust out of earthenware, fired it and glazed it with ceramic glaze, and embellished the piece with details made from polymer clay and cording. The gravity-defying chopstick and stream of noodles are held up by hidden wire. Hoping to achieve an increased sense of realism and movement, I finished the project with epoxy resin to mimic broth. While it can be argued that art is no longer original, at the end of this process, I understood that the uniqueness of my sculptures lied in the subtleties and finger marks left by my personal experiences — similar to the novel toppings and variations on the noodles the second time around.