Mètamorphe | Hear/d Residency Exhibition

WHEN: April 3 – 17, 2019

RECEPTION: Thursday, April 11, 2019 (6pm – 8pm)

WHERE: Main Mall at Alberta University of the Arts

The Alberta University of the Arts Students' Association - AUArts SA (formerly ACADSA) Hear/d Residency program is proud to present Mètamorphe.

• Jamie Russett
• Yuii Savage
• Andrea Engele
• Haley Eyre
• Alexa Bunnell
• Fiona Couillard
• Jenna Van Buekenhout
• Alena Martin
• Kaylee Jordan
• Christina Bennett

The Hear/d Residency is a pilot, peer support project developed by the Students’ Association of AUArts. The program focuses on the central theme of resilience, relating to the journey of mental health issues experienced by many post-secondary students.

Drawing on this theme, the Hear/d Residency program invites participants to explore these concerns which affect post-secondary students in an innovative way. Through group discussion, reflection, individual studio time, and critiques, this residency provides a platform for a diversity of creative activity that aims to raise awareness and de-stigmatize mental health on campus.

For more information about the Hear/d Residency program visit auarts-sa.ca/heard

Wednesday, April 3, 2019 to Wednesday, April 17, 2019
Alberta University of the Arts Main Mall