Mark Mullin I Rigamarole

Image: jubilee, 2019 Acrylic and oil on canvas

When: On now until January 18, 2020

Where: Paul Kuhn Gallery, Calgary

Building upon his exhibition currently on display at the Nickle Galleries, Mullin continues to explore the capacity of painting as an essential means of communication.  Just as there is a distinction between truly non representational painting and abstraction, Mullin draws a line between what can be understood through spoken or written language, and what can only be comprehended in visual terms.

In Mark Mullin’s recent catalogue for his exhibition I’ll climb in your eyes, Diana Sherlock writes:

"The artist’s narratives are written in a sophisticated visual vocabulary, a lexicon of characters, visual references and painting techniques which, over the last fifteen years, he has skillfully arranged into a syntax left open to viewer interpretation. Mullin describes the play between these elements as an “improvisational narrative” that builds a sense of expectation, suspense, and anticipation for himself as well as viewers. Viewers search for meaning in the overlapping marks, layers of colour and forms, yet any clear meaning remains seductively elusive. As Mullin observes, “The act of looking becomes a fool’s game of defining.” Yet this process of looking makes visible the viewer’s role in the construction of the painting’s meaning through perception. Each painted element quietly informs the next and this conversation between painted elements slowly becomes a conversation about painting. Analogously each new painting extends Mullin’s visual vocabulary and writes a new chapter in a story that is his painting practice."

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Saturday, November 23, 2019 to Saturday, January 18, 2020
Paul Kuhn Gallery, Calgary