Matthew Yip

Grade 12, Central Memorial High School | Calgary, Alberta

Letters from Above

This piece reimagines Fraçois Boucher’s The Love Letter both as an exploration, study and individual work. I wanted to incorporate the soft ethereal elements of the Rococo painting in combination with whimsical symbols that attempt to parody the original piece. The themes I explored offered a sense of playfulness in the way each juxtaposed each other while including modern symbolism to inject the scene with an anachronistic twist. Through the process, I attempt to capture a certain sense of light and its interaction with space and material. Adapting the style achieved in the traditional piece through oil paints into one done in graphite revealed a level of precision and adaptation of materials to aid in the reconstruction of the work. I strived to find variations in tone along hard edges and definite forms, whilst also allowing for soft gradation amongst the harshness presented a variety of opportunities to translate the process into lessons that would be applicable to other media. Thus this piece offers itself as a step toward aiding my continued interest in exploring and defining a process in my artistic journey.