Photo Credit: "Red Meander", NASARIMBA, Viviane Art

Viviane Art presents a solo exhibition of all new works by NASARIMBA. The collaborative practice of artists Rachel Ziriada and AUArts Alum Mikhail Miller, Nasarimba is a fictional word created by the duo which means playful mischief. They are perhaps most recognized for their dynamic and colourful murals, many of them gracing walls around Calgary, across Canada and in Mexico City.

In this exhibition, the visual language of their large murals is transcribed to paintings on canvas and painted wood sculptures. On this more intimate scale, the paper-collage nature of their abstract compositions seems even more evident. At the same time, their use of shadow and the assemblage of objects within their imagery has a very sculptural effect. Playing with shapes and forms both recognizable and imagined their abstractions explore dualities, responding to architecture and the natural world, to interior as well as outdoor spaces.

Visit this exhibition at Viviane Art in Inglewood.

Thursday, July 15, 2021 to Sunday, August 15, 2021
Viviane Art