ACAD Student Curates a Tinder-Sourced Pop-Up Art Exhibition

Image courtesy the artist, Daniel Oglander, and curator, Olivia Steckly

“Swipe Right” will take place at 23 Meadow Street, Brooklyn, NY on Thursday, April 14 from 7 until 10 p.m. EST, featuring artists Shea Bartel, Elijah Craig II, Garrett Ervin, John Fajardo, Daniel Oglander, and Peter Ossi.

Curator Olivia Steckly uses the hookup/dating-based service “Tinder” as a database to source artists for “Swipe Right”. By “swiping right” on men who label themselves as artists on their personal profiles, she is able to begin the curation process and choose men for her exhibition—a one-night pop-up show which has an ephemerality mirroring that of many Tinder hookups.

Steckly’s selection of male artists represents some mingling of business with pleasure, as she has selected artists first by how they look, and second by their work. Through this process Steckly hoped to discover, what, if any, similarities the work of these men had in common.

Of the eight artworks included in “Swipe Right”, the underlying commonalities, being the representation of human presence, are apparent.

John Fajardo’s installation depicts a campsite temporarily abandoned to make way for skinny dipping. Peter Ossi’s “Cooper” stool is a heavily aesthetic quasi-sculptural utilitarian object meant to be physically interacted with. Elijah Craig II presents photographs of subjects whose identities are masked by a haze of ambiguity.

All of these elements combined relate to the curation process, as Tinder is used by those seeking another’s bodily presence; a presence which can be attained by a mutual “swipe right”.

For more information about the exhibition please contact Olivia Steckly at