ACAD update: registration process FAQ

A note from Alison Miyauchi, Associate Vice Chair Research and Academic Affairs.

We are aware of registration process concerns and our small office of registration staff is working with students individually (by phone, email and in person) to address their needs in a fair and equitable manner.

Recruitment staff have been seconded to the Registrar’s Office to provide additional support to phone/email and in person inquires.

Please send registration questions directly to the registrar's office.

  • Registration phone line and emails: 403.284.7634 +
    (Open 8am-4pm Monday to Friday) 
  • Registration office: 
    (In-Person Assistance 9am-2pm Monday to Friday) 
    (In-Person Assistance on registration days July 4 and Jul 7, 9am-3:30pm)

We are working to help students get their schedules sorted out in a timely manner. We hope this FAQ will address some common concerns we are hearing.

Thank you for your patience.

Alison Miyauchi
Associate Vice President, Research and Academic Affairs

Frequently Asked Registration Questions

Registration specific questions

Why do we receive tickets for registration?

ACAD’s registration process is the same as most schools in that we use a staggered registration process to ensure that all declared majors are able to access the courses they need to fulfill their degree requirements in a fair and equitable manner.

Why are teachers for classes still TBA?

Hiring for some instructors in still in process. When hiring is complete all instructor names will be posted.

I’m worried I won’t get into the classes I need to graduate.

We can guarantee that all graduating students will have a spot in the course(s) they need to fulfill their degree requirements although the courses may not always be the student’s first choice.

Why are restrictions on classes based on what year students are in?

Declared program students (majors) are given priority access to required courses in their year level for the first week of registration.  After that, available seats are released for general registration.

Why are there caps on classes, what do they mean?

Class caps refer to the contractual maximum number of students in a class. This number is based on a number of factors including student to faculty ratios outlined by our accrediting bodies, health and safety, and type of class.

Why do students with better GPA get to register earlier than those with lower GPA?

This is done to manage registration traffic in a transparent manner.

Why are phones and emails not being answered in the Registrar’s Office?

We have two registration assistants in the office who need to deal with in-person inquiries as well as phone calls and emails. As of June 27, we have seconded additional staff to support the Registrar’s Office.

  • Registration phone line and emails: 403.284.7634 +
    (Open 8am-4pm Monday to Friday) 
  • Registration office: 
    (In-Person Assistance 9am-2pm Monday to Friday) 
    (In-Person Assistance on registration days July 4 and Jul 7, 9am-3:30pm)

We are working to resolve registration issues in a timely manner and appreciate your patience.

Why is registration administration so short staffed?

This is not a situation that is entirely unique to ACAD.  Every institution experiences registration issues, although it is true we have a proportionately smaller staff with limited capacity.

Why does registration run smoothly at other institutions but not at ACAD?

As an institution we are working to solve broader Institutional capacity issues such as this through a comprehensive business case for growth (Sustainability Plan) that we will submit to the Government of Alberta, Ministry of Advanced Education in September of 2016. More Information.

Why do students have to register for classes in the middle of the summer instead of at the end of their semester?

We are reviewing our timelines and practices in keeping with best practices at other institutions.

Mobility + exchange programs

Why do students need to take an extra year at ACAD if they do an exchange program?

If students follow the guidelines outlined in the ACAD Calendar (p. 54) and are successful in their studies at the participating partner institution, there should be no need to take an extra year. Students transferring into ACAD in year three do not qualify for the program unless they take an addition year so as to ensure they meet the provincial requirement for institutional residency for degree granting purposes.


What accommodations can ACAD offer for health issues?

ACAD can offer a variety of supports to accommodate students with health issues. Each case is dealt with on an individual basis. Students should review pages 55-57 in the academic calendar.

Transfer credits

What are the rules and guidelines around transfer credit fees?

ACAD’s guidelines on transfer credits may be found on pages 65-66 of the academic calendar.

What is my responsibility as a student regarding transfer credits?

You will need to provide copies of the course syllabi for which transfer credit is sought as well as an official transcript from the institution where the courses were taken.

What is the institution’s responsibility around transfer credits?

ACAD reviews the submitted documentation and assesses them against the learning outcomes of our programs.

What do transfer credits look like on my ACAD transcripts?

Your transfer credits appear on your transcript as CR after the course name and number.

What do my transfer credits mean at ACAD? Does it count towards my GPA?

Your transfer credits mean that you have been granted credit for an ACAD course through the assessment of learning outcomes from a similar course at another institution. Transfer credits appear as a CR on your transcript and do not add or detract from your GPA. Only courses taken at ACAD are factored into your GPA.

Why are there so many issues figuring out what credits/courses transfer and which ones do not?

To grant transfer credits an assessment of learning outcomes for the transfer course must be mapped to a similar course at ACAD. This is done on a case by case basis.

Graduation requirements

Have my graduation requirements changed since I declared a major?

Your graduation requirements have not changed since declaring your major. Third year students and above use the planning guides which they were admitted to.

If graduation requirements change part way through my education, should I not be grandfathered in?

Your graduation requirements have not changed since declaring your major. Third year students and above use the planning guides which they were admitted to.


My workload outside of class can range anywhere from 5-7 hours -What should my workload outside of class look like?

The guideline for workload is three hours per credit per course per week. If you have a 3 credit course then the guideline is 9 hours for both in class and out of class per week.

Timetable scheduling

Why are classes are now “all over the place” starting at 8:30 am, 1pm, 6pm – whereas last year they all started at 9am?

The scheduling of classes at different times of day was a response to students asking for more options for timeslots for courses to allow for greater flexibility for students.

Why am I experiencing a scheduling conflict in my program?

Of the hundreds of classes scheduled each academic year, there may be instances where an individual may find scheduling conflicts. Please meet with an academic advisor to investigate solutions that fulfill your degree requirements.

Why do some classes only have one minute in between them?

The operational schedule will have 10 minutes between classes that appear to be back to back.

July 4 student event

Is administration aware of and involved in the student event scheduled for Monday July 4?

We support the student’s right to voice their concerns and we are absolutely here with open doors to address any concerns you may have.

Staff and faculty have been asked not to actively participate in the student led and organized event, but have been invited to listen, which we will be. If invited to speak, we will have registration representatives and staff to address student concerns directly at the event.

Our small but dedicated staff throughout the College care a lot about the students at ACAD. We are all here because we believe strongly in the value and importance of an arts education and the success of our students.

We encourage students to express their questions to ACAD representatives directly in person, email, or phone. We will not respond to individual questions on social media to respect student’s privacy.

Thank you for your patience.

Best wishes,

Alison Miyauchi

Associate Vice President, Research and Academic Affairs

Alberta College of Art and Design