Alberta University of the Arts presents Vivid 2021

Alberta University of the Arts presents part one of “Vivid” 2021: The AUArts Alumni Second Anniversary Project

Two unique murals were created by alumni to celebrate our second year as Alberta University of the Arts and liven up the busy public corridor that connects AUArts and the Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium via the busy LRT line. This centralized point of interest between these two primary art hubs in the city offered an opportunity to tell an engaging story for those both coming and going through the doors.

The first “Vivid” mural was created by alum Tyler Lemermeyer, BFA ’06. Media Arts and is viewable when arriving at the University entering into the school through the LRT doors. Tyler enlisted the assistance of two third-year AUArts students, Natalia Ionescu and Terri Lemire to help complete the mural.


We chatted briefly with Tyler to learn about his inspiration for the mural and what he’s been up to since graduation.

AUArts: Please tell us about your mural.

TL: I created a piece which reflects upon my experience while at AUArts. I struggled with self-identity when I first started at the school, from being one of the best artists in high school to being surrounded by a multitude of talented artists, whom I felt were more talented than me. While in school I experimented with my identity and felt secure doing so as I was surrounded by like-minded people. In “Vivid” I focused on the idea identity, that we are all different, yet the same. The characters in the design grid represent diversity, displaying alternative shapes and looks, but also show similar expressions and colours.

AUArts: What have you been doing since graduated?
TL: After I graduated, I went back to school and got a diploma in digital design at VFS. I found it challenging to find work in the recession (around 2008) so turned to another passion and became a bicycle messenger which I enjoyed for eight years. I became a dad and decided to start a safer job that allowed for more creative projects. I have worked with Canadian animator Cam Christiansen creating animation elements for his feature length animation called “Wall”. Participated in a charity fundraiser “Bats for Brats” by decorating a bat to be auctioned off for charity and created my first mural in the 2018 YYC Bump Festival.

AUArts: How was it working with two students?
TL: It was great to work with them. I felt very hounoured to able to influence and share my knowledge with students. I think it is a great aspect of the “Vivid” project to provide students with experience working alongside professional artists and the ability to learn from the artists simultaneously.

AUArts: What are you working on now?
TL: I am painting a mural in Red Deer for their first mural festival called “Meet the Street”, plus I have a series of paintings called “Portraits of Notoriety” on display at Kaffeeklatsch Beltline Café, 1205 1 Street S.W. These paintings are black and white reinterpretations of old master paintings.

The AUArts campus is currently closed to the public for the summer with plans to reopen Fall 2021. Once reopened, the AUArts community and the general public are invited to visit the mural.