Alumni Opportunity: Artist in School with the Calgary Board of Education

Principals, teachers, and students share their space with Studio Artists in an effort to have authentic encounters with art and artists. The artists are asked to make their artistic processes visible to the school as they are invited into many learning spaces and conversations.

If selected, Studio Artists are asked to practice at least 15 hours a week at the school. The artists will practice in a public space where they can interact and be observed by students and teachers.

Studio Artists will be paid an honorarium of $2,500 monthly.

No two experiences are the same. Practices are on display and shared as students and teachers use the techniques and skills that they have learned as a result of your sharing. Studio Artists may be invited to be part of a school's community and the level of involvement varies from school-to-school. Teachers and students will be watching to see how each artist is practicing and the artist will have the same opportunities to observe staff and students.

The CBE Studio Artist Program was inspired by the concept of aesthetic education. The concept focuses on honing the capabilities of noticing deeply, asking questions, embodiment, making connections, identifying patterns, living with ambiguity, creating meaning, taking action, reflecting and assessing. 


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