Art Hack II; Time For Some Creative Misuse At ACAD


Calgary, AB – A 3D printer revolution is taking hold all over the world and students are leading the charge exploring the impact of instantaneous “delivery” for printing anything we need on demand. 

As part of ART HACK II, a research series presented by CE3C (the Creative Environment for Emerging Electronic Culture) at ACAD, students are building open source 3D printers today on campus followed by an intensive artistic boot camp led by Visiting Artist, Raul Nieves(Blablablab, Practipo Barcelona) to discover how 3D technologies can be engaged artistically. 

Hack: [\hak\] a usually creative solution to a computer hardware or programming problem or limitation.

A public exhibition of the open source 3D printers and work produced by students under the direction of Raul Nieves will open on Thursday April 9th, 2015 in the Lower Mall from 5pm to 7pm. This exhibition will be accompanied by a public lecture on state of the art creative applications (art, design, engineering etc.) using the 3D printers including the work created at ACAD. 

ART HACK is research series presented by CE3C (the Creative Environment for Emerging Electronic Culture) at ACAD that explores the artistic capacities of emerging technologies. ART HACK is founded on the idea that true innovation exists not in the creation of a new technology, but as a result of experimentation, creative misuse, and the stretching of the boundaries of technology through artistic practice. 

Kurtis Lesick Faculty member, Media Arts + Digital Technologies in the School of Craft and Emerging Media at ACAD and Director, CE3C says, “While the possibilities are staggering on a consumerist level, we have a lot of exploration to do as a society about what the future holds for 3D technologies as an expressive medium, a social medium, a story-telling medium. It is exciting to see the students forming the conversation about where we go next.

Funding for this Visiting Artist has is part of a larger research project conducted by Kerry Harmer into 'Emerging Technologies for Object Making'. This research project involves establishing a Digital Fabrication Lab at ACAD bolstering our digital making capacities and the development of curriculum to incorporate object making technologies at ACAD. Donation of materials in part by Solarbotics Sharon Watkins, of Sandstone Asset Management, recently donated two 3D scanners to the college which will be used in the exploration of 3D technologies at ACAD.



Raul Nieves is a multi-disciplinary artist, researcher and educator based in Barcelona, Spain. He is a founding member of the artist collective Blablablab: “A structure for transdisciplinary collaboration. It imagines strategies and creates tools to make society face its complex reality (urban, technological, alienated, hyper-consumerist). It works without pre-set formats or media and following an extropianist philosophy, approaching the knowledge generation, property, and diffusion of it, very close to the DIY principles.” An early adopter and experimenter with 3D scanning and print technology, Blablablab was awarded an honorable mention at the prestigious Ars Electronica International Competition for CyberArts in 2011 for their 3D printing intervention: “Be your own Souvenir".


Ce3C is The Creative Environment for Emerging Electronic Culture (CE3C) (pronounced “seek”) is a research and cultural production amplifier housed in the Media Arts + Digital Technologies department at the Alberta College of Art + Design.

Our roles are:

  • To promote the adoption and development of digital technologies and processes in artistic expression;
  • To amplify research and production projects that build and explore electronic culture; 
  • To act as a liaison between students and faculty and the larger artistic and industry communities locally, regionally, nationally and internationally;
  • To open up opportunities for collaboration between other departments, institutions, organizations and private industry;
  • To act as a leveraging opportunity for faculty research and production grants;
  • To broker relationships with curators, festivals and galleries to promote works developed in CE3C;
  • To provide a venue for speakers and workshops for student and faculty professional development

Media: For more information and to arrange interviews or obtain a full media kit, contact:
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