AUArts uses 3D printing to help Alberta’s medical workers

April 9, 2020: A faculty member from the university’s Thing Tank 3D printing lab has stepped up with a solution to assist with the PPE shortage Alberta’s medical facilities are facing.

Bryan Cera, Assistant Professor from the School of Craft and Emerging Media spearheaded a response to the government’s call for help sourcing essential PPE for medical workers battling COVID-19.

Cera is the lead faculty member from the university’s Thing Tank, a creative technology space where AUArts students study 3D Object Design and Fabrication.

As per the Government of Alberta’s Bits n’ Pieces Program, businesses and private individuals have been asked to donate services and equipment to help in the fight against COVID-19.

Using 3D printing technology, Cera crafted 50 medical face shields, a vital piece of protective equipment required by front line medical workers.

“We have a digital fabrication lab currently sitting empty, so we decided to put it to use making something to help people on the front line. We are 3D printing and laser cutting face shields, which help to protect healthcare workers from potentially infected droplets. We chose an open-source design that suited what resources and materials were locally available to us," explains Cera.

The project ran 24/7 over five days, with Cera maintaining strict safety protocols to ensure the protective face shields were printed in a clean environment adhering to social distancing requirements.

AUArts is proud to support Assistant Professor Cera in producing vital supplies to help with Alberta’s fight against COVID-19.

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