Call for Proposals | Beakerhead + ACAD

ATTN: Attention ACAD Students + Alumni

DEADLINE: Friday, June 15, 2018

Kensington Alley Artwork

Every September, Beakerhead erupts onto the streets and venues of Calgary with cultural works that have science or engineering at their core.

This is a call for proposals to design, build and implement an engaging installation in an unexpected location in Calgary. Here’s the combination you have to work with: an intriguing alley, a shoestring budget, and a busy street. Doesn’t every hidden pathway deserve a little makeover? Some are turned into musical instruments, others become a trap for a giant clown head or a red ball. Yet others are painted as a canvas or illusion. How can you transform this canvas for Beakerhead 2018?

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Art + Technology Apprenticeship

Beakerhead Creative Society is a registered Canadian charity whose mandate is to advance education at the crossroads of art, science and engineering. Beakerhead supports learning-by-doing for people of all ages, year round, to create artistic projects that have science and engineering at their heart – and, when completed, offer audiences a chance to see, touch, do and create.

About the Art & Technology Apprenticeship Program

In 2018, Beakerhead is prototyping an apprenticeship program in which emerging and mid-career artists with diverse backgrounds can advance their career goals, hone their skills, and develop a network of allies to springboard the advancement of their work.

Three groups will be taken into the program in the first year. Each group is matched with a production expert at the outset of the program. The experts will work hands-on with the artists over the course of the summer to create and install the artwork ultimately at Beakerhead in mid-September (Sept 19-23, 2018). While this developmental work is taking place, the teams will meet biweekly as a group for instructional sessions, using their own projects as the focus for their hands-on work. At the same time, the groups in the apprenticeship program will learn from each other and share as part of this immersive professional development program.

This goal is to help artists build new works that are engaging to new art audiences on a strong conceptual and technical foundation, embedding this knowledge in a network of peers. This network will help transform the public engagement and appreciation for art at the crossroads of science and engineering and create a supportive community of professionals where the user experience is a key consideration in this particular crossroads.

>>> Check out the full proposal details