Carly Hynes Creates 2016 President's Convocation Shawl


The President’s Convocation Shawl is an annual competition undertaken by Fibre majors in their graduating year to produce the shawl worn by the President during Convocation on Thursday, May 19.

Previous shawls are then worn by academics in order of seniority. These shawls represent more than 11 years of this tradition at ACAD and demonstrate the superb talent, creativity and dedication of the students who have produced them.  

This year, the Fibre program is very pleased to announce that Carly Hynes was selected by Dr. Daniel Doz to create the 2016 Convocation Shawl.

About the Artist

Carly Hynes is a Fibre Artist who will complete her BFA at Alberta College of Art + Design in May 2016. Growth is an ongoing concept in her studio practice where she uses her connection with cloth as a way to explore personal identity and her environment.

Carly reflects on her design:

The name of the piece is “Blue Limen Vine (Initium-Caerimonia)”. This fibrefied intertwined stem system is a climbing plant composed of textured shoots and twirling spindles. A variety of luscious leaves and blossoms are produced and adorn its limbs. The majority of the vine boasts an indigo hue with sporadic glimpses of miscellaneous colour and sheen. It is native to a precise location, found deep in the forest of enlightenment.

Symbolism: Achievement, New beginnings with high levels of intuition and perception, Wisdom and self-mastery.