COVID-19: Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of FAQs and answers that may help you. If you have additional questions not listed below, please contact us at  We are here to support you and provide you with the latest information we have.  

What is the best source of information to stay up-to-date?

Please check your email, our website or the AUArts Safe App. (available on the Apple Store or on Google Play). We also share updates on the official AUArts social media channels.

Can I access the AUArts campus?

No. For your safety the campus building is now closed to all faculty, staff, students and visitors. Access to the building is not permitted except for a few authorized staff who are essential to keep critical services running.

What AUArts facilities are open or closed? 

  • Bookstore: NEW Phone orders with credit card payments are currently available, with curbside pick-up at the loading dock. Phone 403.284.7663 between the hours of 8:00am and 4:00pm. Please note, this service can be discontinued at any time as the situation evolves.

  • Computers Labs: Closed 

  • Lodgepole Center: Closed 

  • Luke Lindoe Library: Online access only. The Library is responding to emails during our regular hours (Monday -Thursday 8am - 8pm, Friday 8am - 4:30pm, Saturday 11am - 5pm) and continues to support your research needs. For Library FAQs during this time, please see this page.
    All fines and overdue fees will be lifted for students, faculty and staff. All checked-out items due dates have been extended to April 27 and will be extended past that date as needed. If you have a library fine on your Banner account still, please contact us at the email below. If you urgently require access to resources, please contact

  • Student Advising: Student Advisors are available by email through for email support or virtual meetings in MS Teams.

  • Student Services Desk / Registrars’ Office: The Student Services Desk (Registrar’s Office) can be reached via email at  for enquiries relating to course registration, fees, T2202 forms, graduation, transcripts or other concerns. 

  • Student Counselling: Telephone and MS Teams counselling support is available for all students currently residing in Alberta from 8:00am - 4:00pm Monday - Friday. Please email to set up an appointment.  Students who have returned home and are now outside of Alberta are encouraged to contact Counselling office at for guidance, direction and referrals to alternative support services available in your area.  Students in need of support outside of office hours are advised to contact the Calgary Distress Centre at 403.266.4357.
    Also note that Mount Royal University has opened registration for daily wellness webinars to AUArts students at no charge. Webinars are held at 1:00pm Monday - Friday. Current themes relate to coping with stress, dealing with self-isolation, finding motivation to complete work in the absence of classes, etc. Connect at the following address:

  • Studio Access: Closed All studios including home studios are closed.  

  • Tutoring and Writing Services: Accessible by email through or for email support or virtual meetings via MS Teams.

What if I couldn’t come in and get my belongings before campus closed? 

Please be assured that all items in studios are secure and will be stored safely until you can fully access campus in the future. Personal lockers are also secure.

Will there be Convocation and Grad Show in May? 

No. Convocation and Grad Show have been postponed. Unfortunately, we do not have any details yet about when this can be rescheduled. We will keep you informed of further updates as soon as possible.

Do I need to submit outstanding assignments?  

Faculty have been advised to reach out to their students regarding assignments due and beyond.

When will online courses begin?  

Alternative modes of delivery started week of March 23.

Are some courses now finished based on the work already marked/submitted? 

Yes. Courses that have completed 65% or more of their work are considered complete. This constitutes approximately 1/3 of our courses this semester. Courses that have not completed 65%, or individual students in courses who have not completed 65% of their coursework are to resume starting Monday, March 23, with adaptations or changes to the method of delivery (online via Mosaic or similar) or changes to the expectations regarding assignments, tests or exams. Faculty have been in touch with students directly regarding the continuation of courses.

I require Academic Accommodations. What do I do? 

Students who are unable to complete coursework with the adaptations but who are committed to completing their course(s) are advised to complete a Request for Academic Accommodation and submitting to  

Student Services will work with students and faculty to manage outstanding course requirements wherever possible. Students are advised to provide specifics on what resources or equipment would normally be required to complete outstanding work within the email. We will assess each request on a case by case basis and be in touch as soon as possible.

What if I am ill and can’t complete my course? 

For students who are ill, we will manage individual situations via the Academic Accommodations form and submitting to 

Students are advised to provide specifics on what resources or equipment would normally be required to complete outstanding work within the email.  We will assess each request on a case by case basis and be in touch as soon as possible.

What is the deadline to withdraw without failure?  

For those who, for whatever reason, feel that they are unable to complete a course or courses even with accommodations in place, note that we have made the decision to extend the deadline to withdraw from a Winter 2020 course to Friday April 10, 2020. 

It’s important to highlight that course withdrawals have program progression and financial implications, and we implore you to consider these implications carefully.  While there will be no refunds for withdrawals, we encourage students who are considering this option to first speak to our student advisors to seek solutions that might best support them – please contact  to make an appointment.

Requests will be processed after the April 10, 2020 deadline date to allow for thoughtful consideration of a decision to seek a withdrawal. 

To initiate a request to withdraw from a course, please email

What about final examinations and jury crits? 

All final examinations and jury crits in every School have been cancelled. Faculty have been in touch with students directly regarding the continuation of courses.

Can I get a transcript?

Official AUArts transcripts are unavailable at this time, however, we can send an unofficial transcript to the required end user with an explanation as to why they are currently unavailable. Please submit transcript requests to

Spring term classes – will they continue? 

Yes. We will have Spring term online course offerings. An update will be available as soon as possible.

Will there be any fee refunds?

Students have been provided with flexibility and options for course completion for the Winter 2020 semester.  With this in mind, tuition or supplementary fee refunds will not be offered.

I need financial support. What resources are available to me? What about student loans? 

On March 19, Alberta Education provided the following supports for students:  

  • Advanced Education is pausing all repayments of Alberta student loans for six months beginning March 30, 2020. 

  • Interest will not accrue during this period. This mirrors the approach of the Canada Student Loans Program. 

  • Students do not need to apply for the repayment pause. 

  • Borrowers may continue making payments during this period if they choose and this will not affect their eligibility to receive the benefit.

Continuing Education and Professional Development current & Spring sessions 

Working under these extraordinarily tight timelines, we could not complete our Continuing Education and Professional Development courses that were currently underway. We are also cancelling the Spring session of Continuing Education due to these most uncertain times. Programming will resume as soon as we can open our doors again.

Where do I send additional questions? 

If you have any questions, please send them to