Creativity Will Thrive: A Response to the Alberta Provincial Budget From ACAD President Dr. Daniel Doz

While we are disappointed by the budget announcement yesterday, we are encouraged that our sustainability work already underway will find solutions to some of our challenges as a post-secondary institution in Alberta. This process is more important than ever to ensure creativity has a place to thrive in our school, our community and Alberta. 

A phone call with the Ministry this morning confirmed that we will be affected by a 4.1 % system cut over the next two years with a 1.4% for ACAD in this coming fiscal year.  

Post-secondary education is vital to the diversity of our society and economy, and ACAD provides the educational foundation of arts and culture to grow and thrive in our province. 

We have not been waiting to respond to external forces beyond our control, we have been actively planning our own future.  I am confident that we will overcome this challenge and work together as a community through our Sustainability Planning Process over the next six months.

Early in the new-year, we established a Budget Task Force at ACAD with representation from all areas of the college including administration, faculty and students. This group has been working diligently on understanding the budget and its impact at all levels of the institution. Last week departments and academic units presented to the task force possible reduction impact scenarios  and now that we know the Provincial government's intentions, the task force will be able to further consider options for the college and make recommendations to the President + CEO to be presented to our Board in May. 

This will impact our operations and we are resolute in moving forward as a community on campus to generate constructive ideas and solutions as we develop our sustainability plan. As our students are our primary indicator of success, we will continue to provide them the richest environment to flourish and thrive. It will be important to continue to engage with the provincial government to find solutions to ensure that our students continue to receive the best education they deserve. 

We are an international institution and the pre-eminent voice for art and design education in Alberta. It is for that reason that we have an obligation to ensure its relevance.

Updates and conversations will continue and we will be back to you very shortly with more information. Please keep in touch with input and feedback and check in with our sustainability blog.

Now more than ever our world needs creativity. Together we will build ACAD’s legacy for generations to come.

In the meantime, fill your home and your heart this weekend with one of-a-kind artworks in support of our students at the ACADSA Show + Sale March 27-28, 2015. Show + Sale proceeds are collected and distributed in direct support of the ACAD student body.