Emerging Sculptor and ACAD Alumna creates breathtaking works of public art

Emerging Sculptor and ACAD Alumna Sinéad Ludwig-Burgess creates breathtaking works of public art through organic and figurative metal sculptures

Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Sinéad Ludwig-Burgess is an emerging alumna of the Alberta College of Art + Design making waves in Calgary’s public art community. Sinéad graduated from Alberta College of Art + Design (ACAD) in 2016. She now explores the realm of contemporary art through the creation of organic and figurative metal sculptures and her work has started to appear around town in some notable areas like Interpipeline Ltd and ATB’s Stephen Avenue branch and Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT).

In fact, Sinéad was selected to create a public sculpture for SAIT’s Green Building Technologies' (GBT) building (60 Fowler Drive NW) before she graduated from ACAD. Caleum et Terra is more than two meters tall and made out of metal including repurposed steel. The abstracted tree figure with its twisted trunk grows beyond the enclosure of the metal ring -while the roots weave into the ground. Ludwig-Burgess is a sculptor dedicated to contributing the contemporary art world by creating art for the public domain in hopes for all audiences to be able to share in the art experience collectively. The title of the art piece is a Latin phrase meaning, "from earth to sky". Both the work and the title reflect "green" principles of the colourful new building and GBT's dependence on earth and solar power. It was conceptually designed to incorporate materials related to the construction process of buildings, such as steel- integrated with the visual of biological influences. Material considerations were made to reflect GBT’s focus on renewable, recycled and natural resources. The sculpture was installed in the summer of 2017.

ACAD Alumna and Professor Emeritus Katie Ohe R.C.A. L.L.D. is a renowned Canadian sculptor and one of the first artists to make abstract sculpture in Alberta. She speaks admirably of Ludwig-Burgess and looks forward to what she will create next. “Sinead has the imagination, confidence and the endurance to become an accomplished Canadian artist and sculptor,” said Ohe. She has considerable experience working with many different materials and I have no doubt that public art commissions she creates will be something to look forward to.”

Sinéad is currently working on creating a new body of artwork and continues to take on private commissions. The most recent commission was for Calgary's Interpipeline Ltd. She also has her sculptures on display at ATB Financial on Stephen Avenue, Blank Page Studio in Kensington and in FYIdoctors in Varsity.