Here's ACAD's Three Finalists For the AIMIA Photography Prize

April 15, 2015

Congrats to ACAD's three spectacular semi-finalists for the AIMIA prize. Andreea Catana (Drawing), Shuo Li (Photo), + Kenson Truong (Painting) were selected out of all the applicants and will continue on their way to score one of photography's prestigious prizes.

To celebrate the occasion and the fine cross-departmental lens-based work that being done at the school, ACAD's AIMIA prize committee is throwing a get together TOMORROW in the Cage Gallery (Fourth Floor, Behind the Elevators) from 5 to 7 p.m.

Let's celebrate and shake some end-of-the-year jitters!

The Aimia | AGO Photography Prize is Canada’s most significant award for contemporary photography, recognizing photographers from around the world whose work has exhibited extraordinary potential over the preceding five years. Established in 2007, it was the first major art prize to allow the public to choose its winner. The Prize has a total annual value of $130,000, with $50,000 awarded to the winner, $5,000 awarded to each of the other shortlisted artists, and $25,000 that supports a national scholarship program for students studying photography at select institutions across Canada. The remainder funds six-week residencies for all four short-listed artists in partnership with cultural institutions across Canada.

Shuo Li, Iceland, 2013 - ongoing