How to network like an expert with AUArts Connect

Powered by Ten Thousand Coffees, AUArts Connect introduces you to alumni, students and creative industry leaders based on your specific interests and goals. Through the platform, you can schedule and set up a chat in-person or online. During your meeting you can ask career related questions, receive or give guidance, share experiences, and discover unimagined professional and career possibilities. Whether you are seeking an ongoing mentorship partner or looking to grow your network, AUArts Connect lets you meet alumni and professionals from across the globe. It also gives more established alumni the opportunity to help shape the careers of students and recent grads.   

In honour of #MentorshipMonth, here are 5 tips to help you get the most out of AUArts Connect. 

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1. Use the member "search" and "filter members" functions to find connections.

You don't have to wait to be matched and introduced by the platform to reach out and make a connection. Log in to your account and click on "members", then search a keyword such as "design" or "director" to find people who have similar career interests. You can also click on "filter members" to search for connections by topics of interest or goals, or to find people who graduated from a specific program/major.

2. Say Cheese! Photos aren't just for fun.

A professional profile photo makes it easier for you and your connection to find each other in a busy coffee shop. No more walking around asking every other person, "Are you Susan?"  

3. Tell us where you live and if you're tech savvy. 

Check your profile and make sure you've added a location so people know if they can meet with you in person or not based on their own location. Also, update the "About" section to include whether you're open to meeting virtually using online video calling. If you'd like to give tech a try, check out these tips from Ten Thousand Coffees on how to make the most of your virtual coffee chat.

4. Include a link to your website or LinkedIn account. 

Your AUArts Connect profile only provides a snapshot, including a link to more information on you and your work makes it easier for everyone to come to the meeting prepared with relevant questions. 

5. Don't Ghost your introductions 

If someone reaches out to you but you don't have time to meet, take 30 seconds to send a quick note to let them know. If you do connect with someone through the platform, thank them for their time and plan to follow-up and keep in touch. 

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