Jillian Tamaki Wins A Second Governor General Literary Award

Image sourced from ggbooks.ca/they-say-blue

ACAD congratulates alumna Jillian Tamaki, on her second Governor General's Literary Award. She previously won in 2014 and becomes one-of-only-83 Canadians that have won a GG Award award twice since they launched in 1936.

"We are so proud of Jillian’s continued success and the impact she is making in her field as it speaks volumes of her talent and how ACAD was able to nurture her growth," said ACAD President + CEO Dr. Daniel Doz. "The recognition for her illustrated book “They Say Blue” is truly warranted as this work is a true gem."

Here is the synopsis of the book:

They Say Blue follows a young girl as she contemplates colours in the known and the unknown, in the immediate world and the world beyond what she can see. The sea looks blue, yet water cupped in her hands is as clear as glass. Is a blue whale blue? She doesn’t know—she hasn’t seen one. Stunningly beautiful illustrations flow from one spread to the next, as time passes and the imagination takes hold. The world is full of colour, and mystery too, in this first picture book from Jillian Tamaki.

The Governor General’s Literary Award recognize Canada’s best English and French books in seven categories as well as promote Canadian literature and encourage Canadians to read. Congratulations again Jillian. We are all proud!

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