Kaleb Romano, Ceramicist behind the 2016 President's Cups


In the Fall of 2011, ACAD President, Dr. Daniel Doz initiated an annual ceramics competition, “The President’s Cups”. Students are invited to submit their design entries to a jury and the winning student is given a monetary award and reimbursed the cost of materials.

They create 15 cups and eight bowls based on their design submission.  Ceramics faculty, Juliana Rempel organized this year’s competition with the President’s Office and Kaleb Romano’s cup design was selected.

This new set was officially installed at the Board of Governor’s meeting on April 6 and now resides in the President’s Office.

It will be enjoyed by a wide array of visitors to ACAD over the next year.

About The Artist

Kaleb Romano is a ceramic artist currently in his fifth year. He graduated from Red Deer College with a two-year transfer diploma and studied abroad in Jingdezhen China, Australian National University. He currently studies at Alberta College of Art and Design and is expected to graduate with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in May 2016.

In addition to his ceramics practice, Kaleb participates in a small musical theatre company, Igneous Productions, and is working on a full original musical production…WITH PUPPETS!

After graduating, he plans to set up a studio in Edmonton and hopes to be in full production this summer.