Nominate a deserving AUArtist for a 2019 Alumni Award

Left to Right: Dr. Daniel Doz (President & CEO), Mark Dicey (Diploma Print 1963), Cam Christiansen (BFA Painting 1998), Luann Baker-Johnson (BFA Ceramics 2011 & BFA Glass 2012), Becky Daisy McMaster (BFA Painting 2011), Brenda Malkinson (Diploma Communication Arts 1975), Kablusiak (BFA Drawing 2016), Vicki Van Chau (BFA  MADT 2008), M. Carol Ryder (Board Chair), and Su Ying Strang (BFA Painting 2010)

DEADLINE FOR NOMINATIONS: Tuesday, April 23, 2019 @ 11:59 P.M. MST

There’s still time to submit a nomination for the 2019 AUArts Alumni Awards.

These awards recognize the accomplishments of alumni who have earned local, national and/or international prominence through outstanding professional achievements, artistic endeavours, or service to society. These exceptional individuals honour AUArts, the greater community, and provide an invaluable source of inspiration to new artists and designers.

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