President's Office Congratulates Dalayce Nichiporik for Creating Gorgeous Glass Pitchers

Dr. Daniel Doz, President + CEO of the Alberta College of Art + Design (ACAD) first established the President's Glass Pitcher Competition in 2011. This has now become an annual competition with two glass pitchers being commissioned each year. The project serves two purposes; it showcases one of ACAD’s talented glass students and the kind of work they produce and it creates an environmentally friendly office for the President.

The faculty in the glass department select a student to create two glass pitchers by early December to present to the President’s Office where it is immediately put to use. It is then recognised at the next meeting of the President’s Cabinet and ACAD’s Board of Governors. The student receives a monetary prize and reimbursement for the cost of supplies and materials used. The President’s Office is excited to announce Dalayce Nichiporik as this year’s selected artist. Dalayce is a glass major in her final year at ACAD. She speaks about her pieces and the inspiration behind them:

"As an engineer turned fine art student, I am most comfortable creating work based on pattern and grounded in precise, meticulously executed process. I love the challenge in methods that require skill and strict attention to detail and I find exacting, repetitive work calming and relaxing.  I aspire to bring this same calm and joy to other people by creating objects that add to their environment to generate positive emotions.

I became intrigued with the concept of effervescence in my second year after making a vase that played with positive/negative image sandblasting and had the feel of decorative design elements rising up and floating out of the base.  This idea of bubbles collecting and then breaking away to float to the surface carries the touch of whimsy and the joyful aesthetic I love.

I embarked on a systematic exploration of the multitude of ways that bubbles could be used in or on a vessel, both as a surface design and integral to the structure. These carafes represent the original sandblasted design inspiration and the final accomplishment of incorporating the effervescence into the wall of the vessel."

These beautiful pitchers will be used and enjoyed by the array of visitors to ACAD and the President’s Office over the next year.