President's Office Congratulates Winners of 2018 Button Competition

ACAD President + CEO Dr. Daniel Doz and the ACAD Buttoneers are pleased to announce the winners of the second annual Presidents Button Competition.

The designs are judged with certain considerations like: how does it promote ACAD, how does it promote art, culture, craft and design, is there an activist quality to it and how does it connect ACAD to Alberta and Calgary. As well as being awarded a monetary prize, the winning buttons are made and distributed on or before convocation and the ACAD Grad Show. The winning design(s) are proudly worn, displayed and given away at other prominent events hosted by ACAD or Dr. Doz. 

Three winners were chosen this year due to the high quality of this year's submissions. The 2018 winners are: 

Sue Zen Lim

Sue Zen's design focuses on making people happy and bringing smiles to their faces. She believes that art connects us all without the need of language. It is something that everyone, regardless of background, can understand and relate to. Diverse cultures continue to influence her, and she wishes to lessen the boundaries through her work. The button was designed with the intent of uniting craft, art, and design. She chose the beaver to represent the practices and beliefs of students in ACAD. It is the symbol of Canada and more importantly, it is read symbolically as the builder of dreams. She was also inspired by the architecture and nature of Calgary, constantly reminding us to be inspired by our surroundings

Kathy Lam

Kathy Lam’s inspiration for her button design reflects art and design and represents ACAD and it also has an activist quality to it. The basis of this design revolved around these three key objectives. As a graphic designer, she likes to keep things minimal and straight to the point. With a humorous approach, this design was inspired by Barbara Krueger’s postmodern work. She created a design that is raw yet official, illustrating the blank canvas start that ACAD offers to its students and artists.

Sidney Elliot

Sydney Elliot’s button features the iconic Calgary Tower and is inspired by the city that ACAD calls home.

These winning buttons were made available in the President’s office as well as given out to government officials and other guests of ACAD.  They are distributed during the Grad Show with the many attendees having access to the buttons. Congratulations again to the three winners and grab a button the next time you're at ACAD!