Registration Open for Continuing Studies in Web Development, JavaScript and Data Analytics

AUArts School of Continuing Education and Professional Development is delighted to offer a series of short programs for Fall 2021 in Web Development, JavaScript, and Data Analytics in partnership with Lighthouse Labs, specialists in data coding education.

Raise your career ceiling and gain valuable skills for Canada's growing technology economy in web development or data analysis. Bridge the gap between art and business by designing and building the technologies and programs we rely on daily. Whether you want to expand your own digital brand or work for a leading creative agency, these skills are highly competitive and will open doors to exciting and rewarding tech careers.

Earn an AUArts Certification of Achievement for Web Development, Front-End JavaScript and Data Analytics to complement your art and design education or help you upskill and start a new career path in 6 weeks or less.

Registration is open: Web and Data Certificates