A reimagined Catalyst magazine

The latest issue of Catalyst is out and the magazine is going in a bold new direction!

We are starting to shift the dialogue around how we talk about our value at ACAD and the many paths that have led our students here, (have you seen the new Undergrad Viewbook!?) and this refresh of Catalyst is another step in that direction.

First up: The Failure issue
“Failure is interesting – it’s part of making progress. 
You never learn from success, but you do learn from failure.”

This issue of Catalyst is about failure and how learning from risk taking and failure are integral and unique to the value of an art education. The abruptness of the word “Failure” addresses head on our “why” we are different, “why” we do what we do, and speaks directly to addressing our value in a tangible way.

The feature article talks about how the process of taking risks and failing is a key part of what equips our graduates to think creatively, innovatively, to be entrepreneurs, to work as artists and to take these skills into multiple industries. It informs who they are, innovative, thoughtful, risk takers who know how to deconstruct a problem and who aren't afraid of the lessons of failure. The Failure issue is jam packed with alumni, student and staff stories refelcting on what failure means to their creative process.

Pick up a copy in person on campus, take a look at an online version, and check the ACAD website for stories from the issue throught the next semester.

If you have story ideas or feedback for future Catalyst magazines, we would love to hear from you!