Student Blair Andrew Holloway handcrafts president's office name tags

Photo by: Kenneth Heinbecker

This year, ACAD President + CEO Dr. Daniel Doz is proud to present Blair Andrew Holloway and his exceptional work on the President’s office name tags.

These name tags were officially received by the Board of Governors on December 13th and have been worn and displayed by Board and Cabinet members at Board meetings. They were also featured during the Minister’s visit on March 1st for the announcement of ACAD’s University Status.

Blair Andrew Holloway is a Canadian First Nations student who grew up in the mountains of Alberta. He has a passion for creating metal pieces and describes family, culture and nature as an influential force behind many of his pieces. He has a unique perspective on jewelry and wearable metal and every piece is handmade with its own unique design and flare.

Blair describes his design and the thought process behind it:

“The name tags are made of brass, bronze, and copper. Each name tag is hand constructed one piece at a time. I chose to incorporate all the skills I have learned over the past three years, while studying jewelry making at ACAD. I chose the feather design of the piece, as being an Aboriginal Canadian, feathers signify a great achievement in my culture. When a person completes a milestone they are rewarded and given an eagle feather. Since everyone who was given a name tag (ACAD Board and Cabinet members) has a significant role within the college, I believe that each and every one of them should be awarded a feather name tag of their own. I truly appreciate the education I am receiving, and this is my way of thanking each and every one of you. The design on the feather tip signifies the power of three. The middle design and the largest of the three represents the school, the design to the left is the each of you contribute to the school, while the design to the right is the students. The two smaller designs transition into the larger one, making all three elements into one. As when all three come together, we become unstoppable.“

These tags will continue to be displayed by board and cabinet members at events and meetings throughout the year.