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Luke Lindoe (1913-2000)

The late ceramicist Luke Lindoe (1913-2000) is an incredible example of an entrepreneur who parlayed his creative interests into a thriving local business. Studying ceramics, painting and sculpture in his personal practice, he was instrumental in establishing the Ceramics department at ACAD while teaching there from 1947-1957. Shortly afterward, during his time as a geological surveyor for Imperial Oil, he was able to map detailed clay deposits, eventually leading him to establish Plainsman Clays in the early 1960’s.

Plainsman Clays has now grown into an international supplier and recently formed a Social Enterprise model with Medalta, allowing the charitable organization to continue to offer a space for artists across the world to hone their skills and expand their practices, in addition to other initiatives facilitated by the organization. The Medalta Artist-In Residence program is one of the most highly sought after artist residence opportunities and attracts a dynamic range of creatives annually.

Because of Luke Lindoe’s vision as a creative entrepreneur, his legacy lives on through organizations like Plainsman Clays and Medalta, further reinforcing the cultural fabric of Alberta. In honour of Luke Lindoe’s contributions to the ceramics culture in Alberta, a student scholarship at ACAD will be established in perpetuity to support one ceramics student annually to the Artist-In-Residence program at Medalta’s Museum Campus. In addition to providing an authentic and immersive educational experience, the emerging artist will also have the opportunity to engage with artists from across the world, gaining global perspective.

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