Unplanned Outage of AUArts Logon Service - Monday, March 15, 2021

(FINAL) UPDATE 4 - 4:50pm

  • As of 4:50 the outage appears to have been resolved, and logons to Microsoft services have been restored. (To go directly to myApps click here.)
  • CTS highly recommends you restart your computer to ensure your account is working across all systems.
  • The AUArts environment has a significant amount of integrations to Mosaic, Banner, Library services and more, which are intended to ease your logon experience. A “fresh start” will go a long way to reducing problems you may encounter between those integrated systems.

UPDATE 3 - 4:00pm

  • As of 4:00pm the outage is still preventing logons to Microsoft services.
  • Microsoft is reporting that services are currently getting restored globally, with an expectation of a full recovery and resolution by 4:30pm, however, CTS will update you as soon as AUArts services are fully restored, or at 5:00pm.

UPDATE 2 - 3:00pm

  • As of 3:00 the outage is still preventing logons to Microsoft services. CTS will update you as soon as services are restored, or at 4:00pm
Originally Posted at 2:33pm
CTS has been made aware of issues connecting to Microsoft services starting around 1:35pm this afternoon.  This includes Teams, Office 365, but may also impact SharePoint and other O365 services.  The outage appears to be Global, and not specific to AUArts.  CTS is monitoring the situation and will inform you when the situation has been resolved. 
Outage Details:
  • Starting at approximately 1:35pm CTS detected issues connecting to Microsoft services.
  • Engineering teams have been engaged and are currently investigating.
  • An ETA for resolution has not yet been provided from Microsoft.
What will be affected?
  • Any services that use Active Directory login credentials (firstname.lastname@auarts.ca) to access Microsoft accounts:
    • Teams
    • Office
    • Single Sign on to Mosaic, ALMA, Banner self service, etc.
How does this affect you?
  • You may not be able to log into the above services and more until Microsoft has resolved the issues.
When can I get access to all services again?
  • CTS will send an update when login access has been restored.
  • If access has not been restored within the hour, CTS will provide hourly updates starting at 3:00pm.
  (To check to see if services have been restored click here.)