Wendy Lauzon creates 2018 convocation shawl for ACAD president + CEO


The President’s Convocation Shawl is an annual competition undertaken by ACAD Fibre majors in their graduating year. The winning shawl will be worn by ACAD's President + CEO during convocation, with the previous winners being worn by academics in order of seniority. This is a tradition that has been going on at the college for 13 years and showcases the immense talent, creativity and unwavering dedication of the students who produce them.

Dr. Daniel Doz and the Fibre program are excited to announce Wendy Lauzon as their 2018 Convocation Shawl winner.

Wendy's work in fibre art explores the interdependent relationships between fibre, cloth, colour, image, and shape. She strives to work with materials that are as close to their origin as possible while implementing her knowledge and expanding textile techniques to build her final product. Her style is reflective of the Bauhaus weaving workshop and Japanese aesthetics that are strongly connected to nature. As well, she will be participating in the 2018 Grad Show in May.

Lauzon’s winning piece is made with both new and re-purposed materials. It is reversible and she describes it as formal on the front and playful on the back, with the formal surface being made with repurposed fabric from neckties and is colored with ACAD’s black and red. The fabric for the back has been dyed and screen printed.

Lauzon refers to the ‘Gopher Holes’ that have been incorporated into the body of the shawl as pockets, which were inspired by the President’s welcome speech to Lauzon’s class in 2015. In this speech he advised students to visit museums and galleries, one being the Alberta Gopher Hole Museum. The chainette fringed edges draw attention and amplify the luxury of the silk tie swatches.

Wendy Lauzon’s pursuit of meaning emerges in the narratives evoked by her tapestries and she persistently seeks challenge through her explorative practice. Her shawl was officially unveiled at the April 18, 2018 Board of Governors meeting.