Adyson Rancourt

Grade 12 at Centennial High School | Calgary, Alberta

Paper Sculpture
Paper Sculpture alt. view


Paper Forest

The natural world has almost always acted as some form of inspiration for my artwork. This piece is made entirely of old books, bound together with wire. A collection of objects from the natural world are represented within the piece, including ferns, flowers, moss, lotuses, a river, and the moon. I used flowing lines and organic shapes to create movement, and reflect the ever-changing energy of nature. Similarly, the shapes I created were developed freely, rather than being precisely planned out, and my creation grew like a living thing. The choice of paper as my primary material in creating a forest is symbolic of the way that nature interacts with our everyday lives; trees were used to the create books, and once these books had lived good lives, I turned them into something new once again. Nature is full of endless cycles and new beginnings, and our connection to nature as human beings is deep and inevitable. While this piece was inspired by nature, it is a reminder of how nature inspires each of us.